Jens Bæk Nielsen - Songwriter from Denmark.

Do you want an original melody to perform?

I have written ca. 150 songs since I wrote my first song in 1974 at the age of 17.

I am looking for someone to perform my songs.
Evt. as a collaboration.
I am also looking for someone to write english lyrics for the songs.

I only make simple demoes of my songs.
Simply because I'm not the worlds best singer or musician ;-)

If you find a song you are interested in, I can supply you with the full mp3-file, the chords, the midifile and the lyrics (if it exists).
And you record it.

Another possibility to collaborate is that I send you the backing as an mp3-file. And you add the vocal.
That is how
Erik Tyler, USA, has made the lead vocal and backing vocals on Come Here.
It sounds as something between George Michael and Madonna.
I wrote the song and made the backing. Erik made some of the lyrics, too.

Before that
Terry Shea (USA) added vocal and sologuitar to "Come here".
This version of "Come Here" has been published on 1.000 demo-CD's in the USA.
It can be downloaded here or here.

Remember to have a look at my midi-files section. There are som special things like symphonic rock, funk, jazz, song for choir (SATB), dixieland-march etc.

Latest news - new internet-collaborations:
Erik Tyler, USA, has added vocal on Come Here, In the Shade and It's not 5 o'clock yet.

Kelly (USA) has added vocal on Only once.
Kelly (USA) has also added vocal on I wish - lyric by Christina Soochan (Canada)
She also sings the ending of
Så smuk som du er ingen anden - in danish!
And she has been working with My light in the dark


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This homepage is updated 2008 January 7.

Here are the songs I have made sicnce january 2005.
Most of them are in danish (reduced versions) or instrumental versions:

To hjerter ("Love me tender" with a new melody and words in danish)
En drøm om fred
To stjerner
Morgenstille timer
Du er mit liv
Når lærken kommer
Stille aftentimer
Fremtiden venter om næste pynt

"Julens Fest"
Hvis jeg ku leve livet om
The Nighthawk
"Den syvende sans"
Rock Ballad
Fast little piece
Stanna i sängen
Tack ska ni ha
Sven-Ingvars rock

Below my older songs.